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Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator-recirculator. Closed/opened type

The unique body design allows this model to combine the functions of three devices as follows:

A Recirculator with the capacity of 70 m³ per hour. The ozone free UV lamps used in The Recirculator are designed for air disinfection indoors and may work in the presence of people without harming their health. The air treatment technology is absolutely harmless to people and animals in the room.
An Irradiator. Easily removable reactor chamber turns the device into an irradiator.
To use the unit in the presence of people is FORBIDDEN in this mode!
The mode allows you to disinfect rooms and surfaces.
One of the main advantages of this device is the mobility, which greatly simplifies the use of the device in the irradiator mode.
Two lamps of optimal power (Philips TUV 15W) used in the device allow to irradiate efficiently the rooms with area of up to 50 m² with the minimum aggressive action on the things and interior items located in the room.
An Irradiator with forced air recirculation function.
This mode of the device is an addition to the Irradiator operation mode.
Forced air recirculation around the direct exposure zone increases the efficiency of the air disinfection during the direct irradiation of the surfaces.
A special timer indicating the expiration of the lamp life time is a mandatory element for the devices of such class.

Parameter Value
HTL-Advansys-15U HTL-Advansys-15U with a stand
Capacity , m3 per hour 70
Total power, W 45
Power supply Voltage, V 230±10%
Power supply Frequency,  Hz 50
Disinfection efficiency, %, not less than 99
IP protection according to GOST 14254-2015 IP20
Wavelength, nm 253,7
UV radiation source 2x15W Medical ozone-free Germicidal lamp PHILIPS/OSRAM/Ledvance
Installation wall-mounted / floor based
Warm-up time, sec, not longer than 1
Dimensions (H×L×B), mm 600×125×175 750×200×200
Weight, kg 4 5,9
Noise level, dBA, not higher than 35
Noliktavu 2 street, Dreilini sity, LV-2130, Latvia